Lockwood & Co

I’ve chosen The book Lockwood & Co. The reason I’ve chosen Lockwood & Co is because the book is a crime and adventure book. I’ve always been interested and excited about crime¬†and adventure books. Lockwood & Co is a serie combined with other books, and I’ve chosen the first book in the series called The Screaming Staircase. The author of Lockwood & Co is named Jonathan Stroud.

lockwood and co



In the first chapter of The Screaming Staircase, the author decides to jump right into action and starts with the main characters trying to investigate a mysterious accident. The main characters are named Lucy and Lockwood. Lucy and Lockwood works under the private investigation bureau called Lockwood & Co. Lucy and Lockwood missions are too solve mysterious accidents and unsolvable cases. In the first chapter they’re headed towards an odd and old house. When they arrive they’re met with suspicious and unpleasant looks. They immidiately start investigating, and that’s when they hear a mysterious sound coming from the staircase.


There’s two main characters in The Screaming Staircase that you’ve been introduced too. Their names is Lucy and Lockwood. Lockwood and Lucy are private investigators, who are called in when there’s impossible cases or unusual cases that couldn’t be solved by The local police enforcement. I haven’t read enough of the book yet, to really describe or tell what kind of characteristics they have. From what I’ve read, Lucy seems like the type of character that is joking around and making jokes, but is very skilled. Lockwood seems more like of the serious type that can remind you of a freak that only live for solving cases, basically someone you wouldn’t hang around with and enjoys his own company.

Setting Of The Novel

Lockwood & Co The Screaming Staircase Is a thriller novel and takes place in London. The author doesn’t reveal where the exact and spesific time period takes place in the story. A sinister problem has occured in London. All nature of ghosts and haunts are appearing in the city, and they’re not friendly. Only the main characters have the psychic ability to see and eradicate these ghosts and haunts. The suroundings of the environment is dark and cold. You meet different types of ghosts and other unatural creatures.

Book Report

I’ve chosen to write a book report about Lockwood & Co The Screaming Staircase. The reason I choose to write a book report is because I’ve been ill and haven’t had as much preperation time to write a book analysis. Also I think the book report would suit me better and you could still get a good grade.

Point Of View

In the book you follow different characters which is alternating point of view. A few examples of this would be that for a while you follow Lucys point of view then it changes to Lockwoods point of view. You also read what each of the characters think in their own mind.


Lockwood & Co